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    [Release] EZ ijji Launcher (beta 1)


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    [Release] EZ ijji Launcher (beta 1)

    Post by Heero on Fri 13 Nov 2009, 2:40 am

    Alright so tonight I was really in the mood to code something so I decided to make my own program to allow for quick access to the web-browser launchers of ijji which have become so mysterious and forgotten about. So here's what I cooked up.

    *TO VIEW FULL SIZE PICTURES!* Right click the picture and hit View Image. When you're done looking at the image, just hit back and proceed to do so with the next image.

    and if anyone interested in the source code here it is:

    #include <iostream>
    #include <windows.h>

    using namespace std;

    int main()
        system("title Heero's EZ ijji Launcher");
        system("color 0f");
        int gameID;
        cout << "Press the corresponding number and press Enter to start the game.\n";
        cout << "Note: If you're not already logged in, it will prompt you to do so.\n\n";
        cout << "1 - GunZ: The Duel\n";
        cout << "2 - Drift City\n";
        cout << "3 - Soldier Front\n";
        cout << "0 - Exit this Program\n\n";
        cout << "Enter a Number: ";
        cin >> gameID;
        if(gameID == 1)
        ShellExecute(NULL, "open", "", NULL, NULL, SW_SHOWNORMAL);
        MessageBox(0,"              Thanks for using EZ ijji -GunZ: The Duel- Launcher!!!!\n\nIf you get Launcher Issues, then your files are probably outdated.\nYou will need to update your files before you can play the game.\nIf the problem persists, check your firewall & confim ijji is Allowed.\n\n                                                                                        -HeeroYamato","Thanks!!!",1);
        }else if(gameID == 2)
        ShellExecute(NULL, "open", "", NULL, NULL, SW_SHOWNORMAL);
        MessageBox(0,"Thanks for using EZ ijji -Drift City- Launcher!!!\n\nIf you have errors launching, patch your files.\nYou'll have to find files yourself since I don't play DC\n\n                                                                    -HeeroYamato","Thanks!!!",1);
        }else if(gameID == 3)
        ShellExecute(NULL, "open", "", NULL, NULL, SW_SHOWNORMAL);
        MessageBox(0,"Thanks for using EZ ijji -Soldier Front- Launcher!!!\n\nTo my knowledge this Launcher will auto-update and patch files.\n\n                                                                                      -HeeroYamato","Thanks!!!",1);
        }else if(gameID == 0)
        cout << "Thanks for using Heero's EZ ijji Launcher!\n\n";
        MessageBox(0,"Sorry, but that was not a valid Choice, please re-run the program.\n\nError -11 Invalid Selection","Error",1);
        return 0;

    If anyone wants it you can download it from any of the following mirrors:

    (All Links are the same file, just different available downloads)

    Mirror 1 - MediaFire
    Mirror 2 - zShare
    Mirror 3 - FileFront



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