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    [Released] 2v2 Winter Tournament Lineups + Maps


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    [Released] 2v2 Winter Tournament Lineups + Maps

    Post by Slash on Sun 25 Oct 2009, 6:36 am

    Hello Rockstars!

    The lineups for the 2v2 Winter Tournament are in!

    Which might be a suprise because we said it'd be released in November but hey! Why not?!?!


    for those of you who are interested in how these lineups were painstakingly decided here is the conversations that took place between Jake and I!

    Slash: .O
    Graeter: hithar o.o
    Slash: Omfg youre online
    Slash: I'm not lonely
    Graeter: lol
    Graeter: xD
    Slash: /feels warm
    Graeter: trying to get the iron crow
    Graeter: =o
    Slash: You are? o.o
    Graeter: can't find enough gcoin offers
    Graeter: D=
    Slash: Lol
    Graeter: 3 gcoins
    Graeter: 4*
    Slash: Why iron crow? o.o
    Graeter: so i got a lot of work to do
    Graeter: cause it's unlimited =o
    Graeter: item of the day
    Slash: its always unlimited
    Graeter: oh
    Graeter: i iddn't know that
    Slash: its jsut discounted
    Graeter: o.o;
    Slash: yeah o.o
    Slash: o.o
    Graeter: well i'll buy it cheap =o
    Graeter: maybe
    Slash: o.o
    Slash: oh yeah
    Slash: I think
    Slash: Al lthe teams
    Slash: for the
    Slash: Tournament is done
    Slash: wanan do team drawings tonight?
    Graeter: orly o.o
    Graeter: dunno =o
    Slash: o.o
    Graeter: can i see the team list =o??
    Slash: Uhh
    Can I type it out?
    Graeter: if you like
    Slash: CuDarylin
    Slash: Graeter2
    Graeter: wait
    Graeter: you got players
    Graeter: not teams?
    Slash: Yeah op.o
    Graeter: so we'd do the TEAM drawing
    Slash: Youre drawing teams
    Graeter: oh
    Graeter: alright
    Graeter: i'll print out the names
    Slash: kks
    CuDarylin Graeter2 Demi Bullets31222

    Disappoint ShadowDashz OutRank Slinky

    EricNitro Regal78 kent248 Verasaka
    Graeter: that's all of em?
    Slash: yeah
    Slash: 6 teams
    Slash: Hmm
    Slash: Scud might wanna paly?
    Slash: But..
    Slash: He's not online T_T
    Graeter: that'd make the teams odd
    Graeter: where's xin on the list
    Slash: Xin doesnt wnana play
    Graeter: =o
    Slash: He fears the competitiveness of dar
    Slash: OH RIGHT
    Slash: I said I would anyways
    Graeter: xD
    Graeter: we'll need another person too
    Slash: Oly
    Slash: Scud/BambooBlade
    Graeter: ok
    Slash: OH SHT
    Slash: Not to mention Diz might wnna paly
    Graeter: maybe we should get the verified names
    Graeter: o_o
    Slash: All those names are verifiec
    Graeter: what about the 4
    Slash: diz isnt informs
    Slash: informed
    Slash: xin said
    Slash: he might be bsuy atthat time
    Slash: scud/bambooblade is the same guy
    Graeter: oo
    Slash: and he's also not informed
    Graeter: so we gonna wait till they sign up
    Graeter: or want me to draw without them?
    Slash: If they wanna
    Slash: umm
    Slash: We can wait 1 more day I guess
    Slash: I
    Slash: 'll ask xin if he's completely srue baout not wanting to be in the torunament
    Slash: and oly and dustin will prolyl join it
    Slash: Making 7 teams
    Graeter: dusty?
    Slash: Yeha
    Slash: Lol
    Graeter: lol
    Slash: Dunno who staarted calling him dusty
    Graeter: alright well are you on gunz?
    Graeter: are they on?
    Slash: I jsut logged off T_T
    Graeter: thought it was dusty
    Slash: no
    Slash: lols
    Graeter: xD
    Graeter: he said his name was dusty
    Graeter: so iwas like =o kk
    Slash: Its saved as dusitin on my phonebook o.o
    Slash: Hmm...
    Slash: Are we missing anyone?
    Graeter: dunno
    Graeter: no idea who signed up xD
    Slash: Rofl
    Graeter: heero?
    Slash: umm
    Slash: Vash is heero
    Slash: OH WHOA
    Graeter: i don't have a vash
    Slash: LOL
    Graeter: xD
    Slash: THsoe 2 are in T_T
    Graeter: Vash and LynnieChan
    Graeter: ?
    Slash: Yeah
    Graeter: what's oly's name
    Graeter: ign
    Slash: Uhmm
    Slash: Its Scud
    Slash: but alsoBambooBlade
    Graeter: o.o
    Graeter: that's oly
    Graeter: =o
    Slash: Idk what accoutn he woudl use
    Graeter: Lol well
    Graeter: i have all the names you gave me, Lynnie heero oly dusty
    Graeter: 8 teams
    Slash: Thats the ideal number o.o
    Graeter: yeap
    Graeter: so i'm ready to print them out then
    Slash: Okie Surprised
    Slash: Print out the maps too
    Graeter: maps?
    Graeter: o.o
    Slash: Yeah
    Slash: We're gonna
    Graeter: which ones we usin
    Slash: assign random maops to them
    Graeter: to the teams
    Mansion Prison Station

    Prison II Battle Arena Town

    Island Garden Factory

    High Haven
    Graeter: ?
    Graeter: you realize 2 won't be used
    Graeter: o.o
    Graeter: which means the
    Slash: O.o
    Graeter: final game
    Graeter: will be a repeat map
    Slash: What do you mean
    Graeter: nevermind
    Slash: 2 wont be used?
    Graeter: my math was wrong
    Graeter: was thinking 8 teams
    Graeter: each one uses a map
    Graeter: xD
    Graeter: 10 maps so 2 left over after each team plays
    Graeter: anyway anything else
    Slash: ROfl
    Slash: Nope
    Graeter: alright so
    Graeter: 16 players 8 maps
    Slash: Mm
    Slash: you draw teams first
    Slash: And then
    Slash: Draw maps
    Slash: Do you wanna
    Graeter: i figured the maps would go with the team
    Graeter: o.o
    Slash: Put maps back in?
    Slash: or..
    Slash: keep maps with a single match
    Graeter: up to you
    Graeter: oo perfect
    Graeter: i have cards
    Graeter: i'll stick a paper on the card
    Graeter: and then i'll draw a card
    Slash: Pro Surprised
    Graeter: hm
    Graeter: i should just write on the cards
    Slash: LOL
    Slash: Up to you
    Graeter: I'll just write it on index cards =o
    Graeter: no sense wasting a brand new deck of cards
    Slash: Yeah
    Slash: Might wanna play blackjack when friend come over or somehting
    Graeter: i should crumple em first?
    Slash: Nono
    Slash: Just fli pthe mover and shuffle
    Graeter: alright xD
    Graeter: so do i record myself
    Graeter: or just live webcam it o.o
    Slash: Ohs lol
    Slash: I was gonna
    Slash: Just have oy utell me
    Slash: what the teams are
    Slash: and I hav a bracket down right now
    Graeter: okay
    Graeter: that's simple i guess xD
    Graeter: was demi gonna use his demi
    Graeter: or the alt
    Slash: Uhmm
    Slash: He said he signed up on demi
    Slash: and gears is in 7th nyways
    Graeter: lol this outta be fun
    Graeter: SO
    Graeter: here's the outcom
    Graeter: Regal and kent
    Slash: WHAO WAIT
    Graeter: shadow and rank
    Slash: o.o
    Graeter: o.o
    Slash: 1 moment
    Graeter: you'll like this =o
    Slash: how are we pairing the teams up?
    Graeter: xD
    Graeter: Highlights= Slinky/Lynnie. CuDarylin and you xD
    Graeter: o.o how?
    Slash: LOL
    Slash: Uhmm
    Slash: Whod you pair with?
    Graeter: well i'll reshuffle the "leader" of the team
    Slash: Dont tell me demi
    Graeter: into a deck
    Graeter: i got uh vera
    Graeter: demi got bullets
    Slash: Ok resart..
    Graeter: it's gonna be you and dar vs slinky and lynnie
    Graeter: almost for sure xD
    Graeter: so First: Regal78 and kent248
    Graeter: Second: OutRank and ShadowDashz
    Slash: kk
    Graeter: Third: Slinky, Lynnie
    Graeter: Fourth, Disappoint CuDarylin
    Graeter: Fifth EricNitro, (Oly)
    Graeter: Sixth, Graeter2 and Vera
    Graeter: Fifth Dusty and Vash
    Graeter: erm seventh
    Graeter: Eigth Demi and Bullets31222
    Graeter: that's it
    Graeter: next is maps
    Graeter: i'm guessing that we want to order the team matchup yes?
    Slash: Yeah
    Graeter: kk
    Slash: Order the matchups
    Slash: then maps last
    Slash: I actaully
    Slash: Wanted dar to be paired iwth eric
    Graeter: o.o
    Graeter: xD
    Graeter: it's pretty even now
    Graeter: =P
    Slash: Is it?
    Slash: cause I think dar + anyone is unfair
    Slash: Dar coudl eb a team by herself
    Graeter: xD
    Slash: Ok so
    Slash: Take those numbers
    Slash: of those teams you jsut called
    Graeter: already ordered it
    Graeter: alrigh tso
    Graeter: Slinky was team leader
    Slash: and ummm write them dwown on paper and crumple
    Slash: Lols
    Slash: Ohs ok
    Graeter: Her and Lynnie vs Oly and Nitro
    Graeter: Next; Me and Vera vs Dusty and Vash
    Graeter: You and Dar vs OutRank and kent? was it
    Graeter: no shadowdashz
    Graeter: you and Dar vs Rank and Shadow
    Graeter: then kent and regal vs demi and bullets
    Slash: Mm
    Slash: Webcam woudla been cool though
    Graeter: xD
    Slash: Wanted to see you Surprised
    Graeter: more dramatic
    Slash: Yeha T_T
    Slash: Why didnt I jsut say yeaht othe webcam
    Graeter: =P
    Graeter: so you got the teams?
    Slash: Yeha
    Slash: Got the m dow ni nbrackets
    Graeter: map time
    Slash: kks
    Graeter: you make a ruling on
    Graeter: whether we repeat maps
    Graeter: ?
    Slash: Uhmm
    Slash: Discuss with me
    Slash: With
    Slash: The repeat maps
    Slash: every map gets a fair chance
    Slash: but
    Slash: with the non repeat
    Slash: its
    Graeter: how bout
    Graeter: each bracket
    Slash: o.o
    Graeter: is one map round
    Graeter: like, we only repeat next bracket
    Graeter: so for the first team
    Slash: So like
    Slash: No repeat
    Slash: then the next bracket we reset maps?
    Graeter: like first fights
    Graeter: yeah
    Graeter: so for the first fight you don't put any maps back
    Graeter: all the maps will be randomly taken
    Graeter: second bracket you put em all back
    Graeter: dunno
    Graeter: so you have it
    Slash: Kk sounds good
    Graeter: 1v1, 1v1, 1v1, 1v1
    Graeter: right?
    Graeter: then after that
    Graeter: it's 1v1, 1v1
    Graeter: erm
    Graeter: yeah
    Graeter: 4 fights, then 2 fights, then championship
    Graeter: so for the 4 fights, you use all maps to pick
    Graeter: not repeating one
    Slash: Yeha
    Graeter: alright so
    Graeter: i'll pick the first 4
    Graeter: ?
    Slash: kks
    Graeter: battle arena
    Graeter: station
    Graeter: prison
    Graeter: mansion
    Slash: Lols
    Slash: No town?
    Slash: Owned
    Graeter: was in the bottom 3 xD
    Slash: Ouch
    Graeter: next woulda been prison 2
    Slash: THats a favorite though
    Graeter: yeah
    Graeter: for 2v2's anyway
    Graeter: you got those?
    Graeter: you're fighting on station =o or prison
    Graeter: depends on how you "interpret" it
    Graeter: or you could probably just randomize the maps Razz
    Slash: 1 moment
    Slash: I'm organizing my bracket
    Graeter: npnp =o
    Graeter: tyt
    Slash: YOu'll see it
    Slash: lols
    Slash: Mmm
    Slash: Wish this was fancier
    Graeter: xD
    Slash: Ok so
    Slash: Heere
    Slash: Is the bracket

    Graeter: o.o
    Graeter: did you send me a file?
    Slash: o.o
    Slash: yeah
    Graeter: fail
    Graeter: i'm on raptr
    Graeter: xD
    Slash: WOW
    Slash: RELALY/
    Graeter: *** Graeter pwned you. You going to take that? Pwn them back at ***
    Slash: Rofl
    Graeter: let's see if mine matches yours
    Graeter: First
    Graeter: Battle Arena Map
    Graeter: Lynnie Slinky Oly and Nitro
    Slash: slinky lynnie vs oly eric
    Graeter: ;D
    Graeter: second
    Slash: Surprised
    Graeter: Station
    Graeter: You and Dar
    Graeter: Rank and Shadow
    Slash: jake le vs dustin joseph
    Slash: o.o
    Graeter: o.o
    Graeter: how'd you get taht
    Graeter: xD
    Slash: you called oyur names before you called ours
    Graeter: oh really ;o
    Graeter: on station?
    Slash: OH WHOA
    Slash: HOLD UP
    Graeter: i did call me and vera first
    Slash: Graeter: Her and Lynnie vs Oly and Nitro
    Graeter: Next; Me and Vera vs Dusty and Vash
    Graeter: You and Dar vs OutRank and kent? was it
    Graeter: no shadowdashz
    Graeter: you and Dar vs Rank and Shadow
    Graeter: then kent and regal vs demi and bullets
    Slash: Yeh
    Slash: So..
    Slash: \up to you o.o
    Graeter: yeah it's your way not mine o.o
    Graeter: OH
    Slash: oks
    Graeter: lOl i said it twice??
    Slash: Hmm?
    Graeter: olollololol
    Graeter: you guys went first, i typed it twice
    Graeter: i think
    Graeter: holy eff
    Slash: Omg
    Graeter: i coulda swore it was slinky's match, dar's match, my match, then demi
    Slash: This organizing stuff hutrs my head
    Graeter: xD
    Graeter: would help if i was organized
    Graeter: well i could just redo the teams xD
    Slash: Nah I got it down
    Graeter: or at least
    Graeter: yeah
    Graeter: alright xD
    Slash: I'm gonan post this up on the forums
    Graeter: alright
    Graeter: oh i didn't finish my predictions
    Graeter: was it prison dar/ station us
    Slash: Lol
    Graeter: and demi mansion?
    Slash: Yeha
    Graeter: changed the middle people Razz
    Slash: you camb efore us
    Graeter: but yeah
    Graeter: i was half right =o
    Graeter: alright
    Graeter: awesooommeeee
    Graeter: so do we decide the maps now
    Graeter: for the second bracket?
    Slash: Naw
    Slash: We wait until the first roudns are over
    Slash: Hmm
    Slash: If there was only a way
    Slash: To Save thsi chat
    Graeter: why would we need to save it
    Graeter: o.o
    Slash: For..
    Slash: Idk
    Slash: So peopel wont think the teams are rigged
    Slash: by me
    Slash: cause im paired iwth dar
    Graeter: that's np
    Slash: and i also happen ot be runnig the tournament
    Graeter: i'm the one who drew them
    Graeter: i'll tell anyone who questions it that i drew it
    Graeter: + i could QQ about lynnie and slinky
    Graeter: and how i wanted to fix it Razz
    Slash: LOL
    Graeter: they're gonna rip me if i get to the second bracket
    Graeter: vera could dagger run
    Graeter: but me
    Graeter: i'm screwed D=
    Slash: Dude
    Slash: Vera
    Slash: Is beast wit ha rifle
    Slash: and he uses a touch[pad
    Graeter: xD
    Slash: I was in a d mwit hhim
    Graeter: i know
    Graeter: he doesn't have a mouse
    Slash: He went 100-17
    Graeter: O_O
    Graeter: HOSHET
    Slash: Yeah
    Graeter: i hope he's good in a 2v2
    Slash: LOL
    Graeter: xD
    Slash: Where shoud l UIpost this...
    Graeter: Uh Announcements
    Graeter: =o
    Slash: Only slinky can post in announcement
    Slash: s
    Graeter: no permissions XD
    Slash: I'll jsut psost it in general
    Graeter: general
    Graeter: yeah
    Graeter: xD
    Slash: Itotally dont know hwo to post this bracket
    Graeter: o.o
    Graeter: uh
    Graeter: hm
    Slash: its saved as a webpage
    Graeter: could go map
    Graeter: teams
    Graeter: oh
    Graeter: upload an image
    Graeter: ?
    Slash: no tthe right flie type T_T
    Graeter: make a paint
    Graeter: =o of the screenshot
    Slash: OMFG PRO
    Slash: WTF
    Slash: LOl
    Slash: Didnt even think of that
    Graeter: you could even make it fancy
    Graeter: xD
    Graeter: put in a few rockstar images
    Slash: LOL
    Graeter: Ooo i have pictures if you wanted to make it really detailed
    Graeter: not sure of who
    Graeter: i know i have slinky me and dar
    Slash: Like
    Graeter: you ofc
    Slash: irl pictures? o.o
    Graeter: no
    Graeter: o.o;
    Graeter: LOL i have one of lynnie
    Graeter: but
    Graeter: like there's a guy in front of her
    Graeter: and you can't see her
    Graeter: xD
    Graeter: i have a good one of heero
    Graeter: demi too
    Graeter: and Bankai
    Graeter: but he's not in the tourney
    Slash: Lols its ok
    Slash: Way too much
    Graeter: i have one of rank xD
    Slash: Work
    Slash: And its 4 in the morning
    Graeter: ninja jumping ftw
    Graeter: lol you need sleep
    Graeter: go sleep after you post the brackets
    Graeter: it'll be a morning surprise for everyone
    Slash: But now you make me feel bad
    Slash: because i want the bracket to b eall fancy and pretty
    Graeter: it's alright =o
    Graeter: next time
    Graeter: we can do a uh
    Graeter: spring? tournament
    Slash: Lols
    Graeter: and REQUIRE a posed ss
    Slash: LOL
    Graeter: privately submitted
    Graeter: so the other competitors
    Graeter: aren't aware
    Graeter: of how pro/taunting the person is
    Slash: Oh man
    Slash: My legs are so sore
    Slash: I'm sure I'm sick
    Graeter: need a massage =o!?
    Slash: omfg thatd be amaznig
    Graeter: no happy ending tho
    Graeter: =P
    Slash: ASSAGE ME
    Slash: Aww
    Slash: its ok
    Graeter: LOL
    Graeter: assage?
    Slash: I'll jack off after You elave
    Graeter: xDDDD
    Graeter: LOl
    Graeter: if you save this convo
    Graeter: that part must be censored xD
    Slash: NOPE
    Graeter: xDDDDDD
    Graeter: i have a pretty cool picture of you
    Slash: O.o
    Graeter: top of stairways
    Graeter: i'm like a ghost right behind
    Graeter: screenshot
    Graeter: o.o
    Graeter: i'll post a largescale screenshot album on the forums xD
    Graeter: cropped and shet
    Graeter: one day
    Graeter: soon hopefully
    Slash: DO it
    Slash: We need pro ss of our members
    Graeter: i have one of you
    Graeter: on neuter
    Graeter: lagged out
    Graeter: =o
    Graeter: slashing like a pro =o
    Graeter: xDDD
    Graeter: i still have you on rene lagged out orgy style in the shower xDDDDD
    Slash: HAHA
    Slash: forthat quest?
    Graeter: rofl
    Graeter: a different quest
    Graeter: i mean yeah
    Graeter: the palmpow quest
    Graeter: where they were all around you xD
    Graeter: but i have a picture of you + win
    Slash: nd oyu guys all died? T_T
    Graeter: on accident XDDD
    Graeter: yeah lol
    Slash: Man
    Slash: bmps take forever to laod
    Graeter: o.o
    Graeter: you didn't do a regular upload on imageshack?
    Slash: im uploading to photobucket
    Slash: its at 44%
    Slash: and my legs are very uncomofortable
    Slash: brb peepee
    Graeter: xD
    Graeter: lol kk

    Be assured that both of our minds were very exhausted after the organization of this bracket!



    I'm tired, its 4:37 AM, dunno what I'm supposed to say.

    Oh well!

    Theres the brackets!

    We look forward to seeing the outcomes!

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    Re: [Released] 2v2 Winter Tournament Lineups + Maps

    Post by Graeter on Sun 25 Oct 2009, 6:52 am


    Anyway, the "serious part" was very fun/hard to decide. I wanted to rig it, srsly =o.

    Anywhooo, GOOD LUCK TEAMS. RAWR.


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    Re: [Released] 2v2 Winter Tournament Lineups + Maps

    Post by PedoBear on Sun 25 Oct 2009, 5:27 pm

    Yes I'm The Best;Lets Go.

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    Re: [Released] 2v2 Winter Tournament Lineups + Maps

    Post by Xinuix on Mon 26 Oct 2009, 5:01 pm

    Have fun guys XD. Sounds like it'll be a blast, but I think Dar should start with half hp/ap for each round <_<;

    ...Or give her one raptor.
    ...and no sword <_<;
    ...may as well play naked too. XD

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    Re: [Released] 2v2 Winter Tournament Lineups + Maps

    Post by Graeter on Tue 27 Oct 2009, 4:07 am

    Xinuix wrote:Have fun guys XD. Sounds like it'll be a blast, but I think Dar should start with half hp/ap for each round <_<;

    ...Or give her one raptor.
    ...and no sword <_<;
    ...may as well play naked too. XD

    Second that. Totally. <3

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    Re: [Released] 2v2 Winter Tournament Lineups + Maps

    Post by Verasaka on Sun 15 Nov 2009, 5:00 pm

    Who the heck am I partnered with i'm confused ><

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    Re: [Released] 2v2 Winter Tournament Lineups + Maps

    Post by Slinky on Sun 15 Nov 2009, 7:32 pm

    *looks at Slash*

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    Re: [Released] 2v2 Winter Tournament Lineups + Maps

    Post by Verasaka on Sun 15 Nov 2009, 9:39 pm

    Admin wrote:*looks at Slash*
    I'm partnered with Graeter = )
    Perfect now i'm happy = )

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    Re: [Released] 2v2 Winter Tournament Lineups + Maps

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